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We're web designers and developers who operates in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and London, we can also work remotely, servicing the entire country. If you have an upcoming project you'd like to discuss please get in touch.

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 Creative Wix Website Designer & UK Wix Expert 

Are you struggling to design your Wix website or have you spent too much time trying to produce a website that doesn't meet your expectations?


If Wix is giving you a headache then you've come to the right Wix Expert.

We Create, Implement & Maintain Tailored Wix Websites For All Businesses!

What Do We Do?

Wix Expert UK

Are you struggling to design a Wix Website that you can be proud of? One that deliveries on all the functionality that you require?

If Wix is giving you a headache then you have come to the right Wix Expert.

At Webizy, we understand that spending hours trying to create a Wix Website, feeling like you're getting nowhere can be frustrating and mind numbing - this where we come in.

If you've got amazing ideas for your new website and you're looking for a Wix Professional to give you a helping hand, then arrange a free no obligation web design callback today!

Wix Pro UK

As a Wix Expert we have the expertise in Wix Web Design, Wix SEO and have access to features that aren't available to everybody else.

We will go through the process of setting up and designing your Wix Website and making sure you are ready to start taking business and sales straight away.

Once you're up and running, we're still there for you. We can tailor a Wix Management plan that suits your business and budget to make sure your website is constantly thriving.